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OUR FUTURE AT Vision Dynamics Optometric Center

We take pride on bettering the future of others at Danville, California. We help students gain hands-on experience and share our passion and knowledge of the optometry field.

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Meet Our Mentees from Danville, California

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susi GSP UID 94596be7 192e 48d5 891d 34d28ba803a3


Before applying to Optometry school, I wanted to learn more about the profession, and experience first-hand what the daily life of an optometrist was like. When I came across Vision Dynamics Optometric Center, I was given the opportunity to shadow Dr. Lin and VDOC staff. Before shadowing, I admit that...
raksha GSP UID 94596c74 8dab 400d bc7d 8fa535bcd68b


During my gap year prior to starting medical school, I was looking to gain exposure and hands-on experience within the healthcare field. I was excited to meet patients on a daily basis and help improve their health in any way I could. Working at Vision Dynamics Optometric Center during that...
sarah GSP UID 94596ca6 2b47 44d8 ab6d cc343bd69a20


During my time at Clemson University, I was unsure what health profession to pursue. When I was considering optometry as a career, it was extremely important to me to be able to gain more experience and to see a more behind the scenes innerworkings of the profession. When I first...
fabiola GSP UID 94596d8d eb46 4460 84f7 ce7f2de7fed9