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Medical School Student

During my gap year prior to starting medical school, I was looking to gain exposure and hands-on experience within the healthcare field. I was excited to meet patients on a daily basis and help improve their health in any way I could. Working at Vision Dynamics Optometric Center during that year was the perfect experience, providing the opportunity to work with patients, collaborate with amazing team members, and gain insight into the science behind optometry! I have always been amazed and appreciative of the amount of time and effort the entire VDOC staff – from reception to opticians to doctors – put in behind the scenes to ensure their patients receive the absolute best care. Beyond the clinical experience I was hoping to gain, I also learned so much about the daily workings of a clinic and gained insight into the immense efforts made to ensure all aspects of service and care were top-notch.

The clinical experience and education that I have gained from VDOC has helped immensely during my first 2 years of medical school and I am certain that it will continue to help me throughout my career! I still remember texting Dr. Lin after my first ophthalmology clinical session where we learned how to perform a basic eye exam, since much of that educational experience was covered during my time working with the amazing doctors at VDOC. Working at VDOC provided me with amazing clinical exposure and support, and beyond that I truly feel like the team at VDOC cares about their patients and their team members!