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sarah GSP UID 94596ca6 2b47 44d8 ab6d cc343bd69a20
Optometry Student

During my time at Clemson University, I was unsure what health profession to pursue. When I was considering optometry as a career, it was extremely important to me to be able to gain more experience and to see a more behind the scenes innerworkings of the profession. When I first came to Vision Dynamics, I was welcomed with open arms to shadow with Dr. Lin and the Vision Dynamics team members. After shadowing for a summer, Dr. Lin offered me a seasonal job to be able to continue expanding my knowledge of the optometric field during my off breaks from school. Not only has Vision Dynamics taught me the importance of patient health and safety, but it has also shown me the importance of teamwork and dedication to the profession. As a second-year optometry student, Dr. Lin has been an invaluable mentor who I can always come to when I have questions or when I need advice. The team at Vision Dynamics is one of the hardest working and dedicated teams I have ever met. It has been an honor to work beside them to better the vision within our community. Working as a technician has been an invaluable experience that has given me an advantage in the clinical setting at optometry school. Not only has Vision Dynamics inspired me to provide the best care for our patients, but it has also helped me grow as a professional. I am beyond grateful for the Vision Dynamics team and for the lessons I have learned alongside them. I am excited to see where the optometric field will go in the coming years and to see how Vision Dynamics will continue to innovate in order to serve our patients to the best of our abilities!