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Meet Susi Elwishahi

Meet our Optometry Student, Susi Elwishahi

Before applying to Optometry school, I wanted to learn more about the profession, and experience first-hand what the daily life of an optometrist was like.

When I came across Vision Dynamics Optometric Center, I was given the opportunity to shadow Dr. Lin and VDOC staff. Before shadowing, I admit that I had some hesitation about entering the Optometry field, but after meeting Dr. Lin and hearing her speak with so much passion, optimism, positivity, and love for the optometry field, it immediately shifted my perspective and got me EXCITED to pursuit a career in optometry!

I remember Dr. Lin telling me that her job was to help her patients be the best versions of themselves by taking care of their vision and eyes. The direct impact an optometrist and caring optometric team have on people’s daily lives became evident to me with each day that I was at Vision Dynamics. I witnessed how much the doctors and staff cared about their patients, and went above and beyond in providing the best care possible. During my gap year, I was hired at VDOC, and gained invaluable hands-on experience, which helped prepare me for optometry school.

I am currently a third year optometry student, and what I learned about professionalism, patient-centered care, and the optometry field in general, from the doctors and eye-care team at Vision Dynamics, has stayed with me through my years in school, and will continue through my last year of clinical rotations and future career. I recommend that any pre-optometry student, or student interested in any branch of healthcare, who is eager to learn and work hard, to contact Vision Dynamics!