Seasonal Eye Allergies in the Bay Area


Last weekend, did you go hiking in the Sycamore Valley or went golfing at Crow Canyon Country Club and came back with itchy eyes?

It seems like the beautiful green hills, trees and flowers in the San Francisco East Bay Tri-Valley Area have a downside. It seems like everywhere you turn, people are sniffling, itching and puffy. It is the pollens that are the likely offenders.

What Causes Eye Allergies?

When the body comes in contact with something it is allergic to, it releases histamines into the blood. These histamines cause the uncomfortable symptoms of hives, puffy/itchy eyes, increase in mucous, and even itching or swelling of the tongue and throat. The blood vessels around the eyelids are very close to the surface of the skin. You may even see “Allergic Shiners” which look like black eyes.

There are many possible treatments for eye allergies

  • Eye drops:There are both over the counter and prescription allergy drops that help with itchy, burning, red, puffy and mucous symptoms that caused by allergies.
  • Oral:The over-the- counter oral medicines also have a place in treating eye allergies. Some options include, Clartin, Zyrtec, Benadryl, Allegra and Xyzal
  • Allergy shots: May be used if the patient has chronic allergies and they are seeing an allergist. The shots contain a very small amount of their allergen and are used to desensitize the patient and make them less allergic to the offending agent.

Other strategies:

  • Cold compresses are great to quickly help with itching and swelling.
  • Some people use local honey oral daily to try to take a little pollen in orally to help their system become more used to the pollens before allergy season hits.
  • It is also a good idea to shower and wash your hair after being outside if you are sensitive to pollens.

Seasonal Allergies Giving You Eye Trouble?

Each patient requires individualized care and examination. Especially living in the Bay Area, we learn how to cope with seasonal allergies annually. Feel free to call our Vision Dynamics Optometric Center doctors if you have any concerns with your symptoms, or call us at (925)838-3021 to schedule an eye exam.

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