Orthokeratology – Safely correct your vision in your sleep

You should not wear contact lenses to sleep- except when you are correcting your vision overnight with FDA-approved Orthokeratology custom- designed contact lenses! Orthokeratology, also known as Ortho-K, helps reshape your cornea using custom contact lenses to correct nearsightedness in just hours. This process is becoming increasingly popular especially in Danville and in the San Francisco East Bay Area for those looking for alternative options to regular glasses and contact lenses.

How Does it Work?
The cornea is the surface of the eye and gives you the most focusing power. Even changing the cornea shape slightly can influence the prescription produced for corrected vision. Ortho-K reinforces a firm contact lenses to gently mold your cornea so that you can wake up with clear vision. It’s recommended to wear it every night since the effects last about 24-48 hours until your cornea returns to the original shape.

Want to see if Ortho-K is right for you?
Each patient requires individualized care and examination. Feel free to call our Vision Dynamics Optometric Center doctors in the San Francisco Bay Area if you have any concerns with your eyesight, or call us at (925) 838-3021 to schedule an eye exam.

About Vision Dynamics:

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Our optical carries a broad selection of the latest technology and designer eyewear frames. In addition to eyewear frames, Tri-Valley customers can also purchase our high-end contract lenses directly in store or online. Vision Dynamics Danville has an in-house optometry lab and on-site optometrists that enable us to process prescription orders with convenient turnaround times.

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