Comprehensive Eye Exams

Below is a list of our latest technology, equipment and procedures conducted at Vision Dynamics Optometric Center in Danville during your annual eye exam:

Newest Optometric Technology: 


The I-Care eye pressure tonometer measures the pressure of the eye without the old traditional uncomfortable air puff pressure test or numbing drops.


Optomap Digital Imaging captures an image of the retina, the delicate tissue that lines the back of the eye. With digital imaging, we can evaluate the different layers of the eye, without the side effects of blurred vision and discomfort that occurs in normal dilation of the eyes.


No more “1 or…..wait……2..better”                                                                       Our refractions are accurate, stress-free, and comprehensive. No  more delays from old style phoroptors!


  • Auto-refractor: determines the prescription with little stress and no rush
  • Visual Field Testing: Frequency Doubling Technology to accurately monitor peripheral vision for glaucoma and other conditions.
  • Topographer: maps the corneal curvature of the eye, which allows our Vision Dynamics Optometrists to properly fit you with contact lenses, monitor Ortho-K treatment, and evaluate LASIK before and after surgery.
  • Newest, most complete contact lens technology: Multi-focals, high oxygen and best comfort possible, astigmatism-correcting, disposables, soft, gas permeable, and years of Ortho-K experience!

Eye Exams usually include:

  • Refraction: the doctor tests the ability of your eyes to change focus from near to far, also known as the refractive power of your eyes. This procedure allows the doctor to finalize your visual prescription, and to address conditions like nearsightedness or farsightedness.
  • Retinal Exam: the newest technology allows doctors to digitally map your eyes. Your optometrist can detect conditions, like swelling the eye’s capillaries, or other early indicators of more serious conditions. At Vision Dynamics Optometric Center, we offer patients the option of having their eyes dilated, or for a non-blurry experience, retinal imaging using the OptoMap.
  • Field of Vision Test: examines the area seen when your gaze is fixed in one direction. This test is used to check for gaps in your peripheral vision.
  • Biomicroscopy: an exam to check the health of the outer and inner eye using a microscope. This procedure allows the optometrist to detect early warning signs of eye disease or other conditions.
  • Additional Contact Lens Exam Evaluation: if you wear or want to wear contact lenses, our optometrists will conduct tests in addition to your annual eye exam to ensure the lenses are fitting both eyes properly and that the health of the eyes is not harmed by the contact lenses. A contact lens evaluation exam must be conducted each year in order to update your contact lens prescription, and to order your new supply of contact lenses. Contact us to learn more about the difference between a contact lens exam evaluation and an annual eye exam.
  • Topography: maps the corneal curvature of the eye, which allows our Vision Dynamics Optometrists to properly fit you with contact lenses, monitor Ortho-K treatment, and evaluate LASIK before and after surgery.

Additional Services:

  • Dry eye evaluation and treatment
  • Myopia Management
  • Diabetic eye exams

Diabetes is the leading cause of blindness in the United States. Many diabetics are unaware of the damage inside their eyes until it is too late.

  • Emergency, Eye infections, injury, and allergy treatments
  • We co-manage Cataract Evaluations, Retinal Consultations and LASIK evaluations
  • Complete contact lens fitting and training with any and all kinds of specialty lenses
  • Orthokeratology practice since 1993!
  • In-Office Lab – Glasses in minutes! Wide variety of frames, sunglasses, and lens options (digital eye strain protection, progressive lenses, and much more!)

Unlike basic eye screenings given by many employers and schools, a comprehensive eye exam conducted by an optometrist will detect vision and eye problems more accurately, and provide a detailed evaluation of your eye health.

In the San Francisco East Bay TriValley Area and in need of a comprehensive eye exam?

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